#3. Ray LaMontagne x 3

Artist: Ray LaMontagne

Albums: Trouble,  Till The Sun Turns Black,  Gossip In The Grain

Country: USA

Released: Trouble 2004, Till The Sun 2006, Gossip 2008

Web: Ray Lamontagne’s Official Website

Favourite Tracks: Trouble, Shelter, Forever My Friend, How Come, Jolene, All The Wild Horses, Be Here Now, Empty, Lesson Learned, Truly Madly Deeply, Till The Sun Turns Black, You Are The Best Thing, Let It Be Me, I Still Care For You, Winter Birds, Meg White, A Falling Through, Gossip In The Grain

To favour any of Ray LaMontagne’s three albums would be impossible. One could say that his debut album “Trouble” is the best, with the captivating bluesy “Trouble” followed up by one of all times most beautiful songs, “Shelter”. The rest of the album is evenly smooth as Ray’s voice unfolds like a cotton blanket around the heart.

Perhaps “Till The Sun Turns Black” is his most mellow album with a clear post-breakup mending resonance. The plain instrumental “Truly, Madly, Deeply” speaks of love without words.

However, “Gossip In The Grain’s” catchy intro  “You Are The Best Thing” and the cheeky beat of “Meg White” will surely bring a smile to your face.

Ray LaMontagne’s songs have a classic acoustic folk sound prompt to brake and heal your heart in the same moment.