I don’t know why, but lately things around me have felt distant. Like there is a reality check knocking on my door and waiting for me to answer. What are we living for, when days turn into weeks that become months and years on repeat, living half hearted? It could be the season, the lack of sunshine, of colours, of smiles, of hope…and true happiness. Having the comfort of a warm bed, a stuffed fridge of food, hot water running down my body for as long as I wish, cold water on tap, imagine what people would do for that?

And then, the real struggles in the world flickering on my TV screen.

Sitting on the subway, Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” came on and teared my eyes. So many others had their earphones plugged in. Where were their thoughts at? Where were they going? Were they waiting for spring to save their souls or would they open the door, even in Stockholm’s mid January if reality came knocking?

I remember once when we were kids my brother invited a drunken man on the street, into our house. My mom was perhaps not so content with his impulse of hospitality but we sat with him in the kitchen and gave him hot chocolate.

Did you know our first impulse is always Love? It is experience that make us second guess our decisions. It is when we start to THINK that we become passive. But what if the term “think before you act” became “act before you think”. How bad could it be?