At home, alright

Believe it or not, but I have moved again. This time, Micke came and picked me and my bags up so I didn’t have to take turns on the subway.

It wasn’t hard this time.

It was alright.

I enjoyed living in Jesper’s flat and I used my time there well, soaking up the cozy atmosphere of both the flat and its surroundings. With crawling distance from the bars it was the perfect party spot but since I lived there during the two quietest months of the year, I mostly spent my evenings in a candle lit living room with a glass of wine. The gym was just around the corner which suited my last minute character and I often went in for a quick exercise at 9 pm, and seldom fell asleep before midnight, although I was out the door at 5.30 the next day.

I had a few really good weekends with friends and family that came to stay. Everyone complemented Jeppe on the African décor but agreed that the apartment was quite dark with only one window to let light in. And I did miss the four bedroom apartment in which I had stayed in November.

So when it was time for me to move back with the brothers, Micke and Tomas, I felt excited and happy. In fact, I had forgotten how pretty the view is from this forth floor apartment. There is breathing space here, and especially with the frosty weather that seems here to stay. It’s been such a wonderful winter. On the pond below, children are ice skating and the local city slope, Hammarbybacken, is full of snowboarders and skiers. Myself and Lito went for a few hours’ round the other after noon and although it wasn’t the best quality of a ride we had a great time.

I feel alright.

Tomas came home from Thailand today and when I got home from work, he and some friends were making pancakes with ice cream and jam. He goes to Finland to work for a few weeks so again it’s just me and Micke. But even Micke will leave soon for a holiday in the Philippines. I’ll have the whole place to myself.

I feel, it will be alright.