Life is what happens…

…while you’re busy making other plans.

John Lennon said that and it is one of my favourite quotes. Yes, and everyday, life happens while I drag myself out of bed and walk to work in the very early morning, seeing my breath appear in front of me while I pull the scarf just a little tighter to my chin.

I pass the entrance with my key card and walk to the dressing room to change into my work clothes. There, I usually meet my colleges. We’ll greet each other but won’t talk much before we’ve all had our coffees. After that it’s full steam for ten hours.

Most of us have worked there for years and some have more than 30 years of experience from working in retail. Generally a good thing although me and one of the elder men often jokes about it. I’ll tell him how and where I want things and he’ll go: Well, we’ve only had it the other way for 45 years to which I answer: Exactly!

I have my best friend Bibbi there that I can joke around with, leaving her little notes in unexpected places or reaching out to give her a hug when the day feels long. The atmosphere is really good and the customers often comment on how great fun we all seem to have.

There is John, the Scotsman, who shares his stories from when he was a kid in Malaysia or worked at a kibbutz in Israel. The other day he said to me: Damn you if you’re still here two years from now, Helen!

I won’t be.

But right now, it fits (and well, who can know what will fit in the future?)

Life continues to happen while I order and fill up fruit, chat to my regulars, following up on last night’s veggie lasagne or discussing organic food matters.

Although my goal is still undecided and all doors still kept open, I put money aside every month and know that by fall I will be moving elsewhere.

But it’s still just plans.