Submit or Surpass

Since a few years, in between travels and studies, I have worked in a local supermarket, just south of Stockholm City. Five of those years, split in five different times in my life I have been managing the fruit and vegetable section. It is weird, but I have quit and come back to this job so many times I’ve lost count.

Had someone told me last March I would be going back to the old job I would have laughed. But he who laughs last…I did go back and it was my choice not to apply for any other jobs. In fact, going back to the familiar place with the familiar faces was the kind of stability I needed. Since I didn’t have anywhere to live (you know that story already if you’ve followed this blog) my workplace became my home. I even kept my suitcase there for a while.

Maybe even now, it is the most stable thing in my (way of) life. Of course, would all things fall apart around me, I could go back to my mom and get a job in the home town, but I am not a kid anymore and I know that settling is not something you can fake.

So I stay here for now and I look at it from a practical point of view. This might be the last time I have the chance to save money, really save money with no obligations to anyone but myself. And this might be the last time I have the chance to work out, really work out and prepare myself physically for those mountain climbs I dream of.

And I am happy and I smile everyday at work, for reasons I will tell you more of in another post.

I love this job and I know it might not resonate to some, since I probably should be on some kind of career path right now? But what is a career?

If a career are the collected steps on the path towards success than you might want to ask yourself what success means? To you and you only.

If we strive so hard to make it to the goal then we should at least be clear about what we want to feel and be once we have arrived. Or will we ever arrive, anywhere else than where we already are?

Many have already pondered this subject so I won’t go deeper into it now, but these are questions that I ask myself while I form the type of life that I want to live. When I let things in that are beneficial to my wellbeing and when I keep things at distance that do not serve my best intension.

I love my job because it surprises me.

It puts narrow-mindedness at an angle where I can choose to submit or surpass.

It is an ordinary job with ordinary people and ordinary tasks. And that my dear friends are life at the first page of an endless book.