I Heart Life

The flower delivery boy must have lost my roses and there were no chocolate coated strawberries on my bed side this morning but I had a good day still, at work, with my friends. And while chatting with one of the regulars we agreed that Valentine’s Day had gotten way too commercial anyway.

The real gifts are those of appreciation every day.

A smile in the morning, a laugh during the day, a kiss before you fall asleep.

I loved being in a relationship and I loved those everyday wonders. I miss it sometimes, I do, but there is too much I need to ride out on my own, before I can commit to anyone, truthfully and completely, the way I need to commit, in order to satisfy my soul.

Until then, well, someone told me today you should do three things everyday that makes you happy. I know my three includes being a good friend every day, enjoying my coffee and choosing the soundtrack of the day as I walk over the bridge to work.

And as for Valentine’s, I got the best gift from my mother; a golden heart – and Life.