Reflecting & recalculating

My friend Maria is here to stay with me for a couple of days. She was a part of my closest circle of friends in Cape Town and we shared everything that year. Many were the times when we found ourselves with a wine glass in our hands or a beer bottle at a balcony, talking about life, hopes and dreams. We did some crazy things together during those hot days and wild nights but we always ended up there, by the pond of reflection. If you’d overhear our conversations, you would probably giggle, hearing us go:

I mean, it’s a step forward! I just don’t know in which direction…

It’s like GPS. When you make a change, a voice comes on: Recalculating…

The Meaning of Life must be…to just experience it, right!? And I’ve experienced life so if I’d die tomorrow, I would have no regrets!

Yesterday we made a wicked butternut soup (made with shallots, fresh ginger and coconut milk, topped with sour cream and fresh coriander) to which we shared a bottle of delicious white wine.

Again we started talking about our future dreams. She complimented me on my cooking and told me I really should do something with my passion for food. I said I would, some day. She mentioned that she was planning on learning French.

That’s great I said, and useful for when you will work with humanitarian organizations in West Africa! (I’ve always pictured her there!) She agreed. Opening an orphanage is her dream mission. (She is Libra and driven by balance and justice in the world – I’m Virgo: intuitive and imaginative)

I’m excited to see where she and I will be ten years from now but I’m sure we will be just as perceptive.

Knowing that whatever the goal is, with each step, the powers of the Universe stirs up, creating patterns, allowing each consequence to have it’s effect, and us, to experience it all.