It’s the time of the season

I’m not on a road trip in the sunny country side of a warm country, but I am smiling and just now, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I was as close to witnessing a sunset as you can be, on a winter’s day in this east coast city. That was, from my kitchen window and the sun slowly faded in gold and disappeared into pink clouds.

Now this picture, is from my living room window, overlooking the south island of Stockholm, covered in white.

It was minus twenty degrees this morning and all subway transport was cancelled due to the cold. The buses were crammed of course and taxis were booked for hours in advance. SL – Stockholm’s public transport service, actually advised people to stay home if possible. Everyone was more or less late for work. Except for people like myself, that are lucky enough to have a job within walking distance.

I love this winter wonderland and I wouldn’t trade it for grey weather or even warmer temperatures. I don’t see the meaning in complaining.

Winter will be over, spring time will come, summer will caress our glowing skin again and by the time we think it will last forever, fall will sweep in with whirling leaves and a feeling of inevitable change.

That’s Life.