#19. Kent – Tillbaka till Samtiden

Artist: Kent

Album: Tillbaka till Samtiden

Country: Sweden

Released: 2007

Web: Kent’s official website

Favourite tracks: Elefanter, Columbus, Vy från ett luftslott, LSD, någon?, Ensammast i Sverige

Some love them. Others hate them. Every Swede knows them. They’ve been around for 15 years now and are more or less considered a Swedish institution, especially by people who are against institutions in the first place. Kent on the other hand work in opposition against that which they secretly love, portraying “an ice-cold IKEA country” where “nights are bright in your 70’s house” until they give up trying, since “there are no words for it in this fucking language*”. They sing in Swedish although they made a poor attempt to go international with Hagnesta Hill. Personally, I wouldn’t change anything about them.

*my own defined translation

Their new album “Röd” is heavy, dark and progressive. Half of the songs are genious. Half are really bad. Divided, just like our opinions on them. I’ll meet them half way by claiming that “Tillbaka till Samtiden” is their best album and throw in a recent remix of “Vy från ett luftslott” that I believe were one of the best performances on their awesome show last weekend.