Airports see it all the time

It is a sunny winter’s day today. My brother is here and the day started off with a little brother-sister quarrel. Why is he always so insensitive? Why couldn’t he just sneak out, re-park the car, come back in again, perhaps prepare breakfast for us two, shake up a smoothie, boil some eggs…let me wake up to the smell of newly brewed coffee? But no, instead he has to storm in at 7.30 in the morning stressing me about the plans for the day…

Me: I don’t know, will you let me wake up? I have some stuff to do and I want to go to the gym some time during the day…

Him: Why don’t you go NOW?

The quiet morning atmosphere was gone. And I know, I’ll be making us breakfast – with smoothie! And we’ll be cool.

Later today we’ll go out to the airport to fetch our dad who will be arriving from Cape Town and his three months voluntary experience.

We’ll stand there waving a Swedish flag and give him a warm welcome – in this cold, winter weather.

And tomorrow, ironically, my best friend Bibbi and her boyfriend Lito, will go to the same airport, with nervous excitement and catch a flight to the Philippines, where they plan to stay and study for a year.

Makes me think of John Mayer’s song “Wheel”:

“that’s the way, this wheel, keeps working now…”