They come and go (room mates)

My roomie, Micke, comes home from the Philippines tonight. I don’t actually know which time he arrives but probably, just the way he left dashing out in the middle of the night; backpack hanging from his shoulder, headphones on and with the house in a mess, he will come back; drop his bags in the hallway, reach for something from the fridge and start looking for a clean towel somewhere in the cupboards.

I’ve missed him a little.

Surprisingly, I got his friend for a room-mate mean while he was gone. This friend just called and said; I don’t know if Micke has told you that I’m coming to use his room while he’s on holiday. Has he left a key?

What could I say? It’s Micke and Tomas’ flat, they are both away and there are 2 empty rooms with twin size beds (although, Tomas room is jammed with stuff and serves more as storage) + a huge couch. It’s not like I need the place to myself. So he came to stay with me which worked out alright. (He’s got good music taste, so I forgive the fact that he only did the dishes twice)

Anyway, he just left. In the same manner as Micke did three weeks ago.

Tomas is away working in Finland for I don’t know how long. In fact, we haven’t really spoken about how long I get to stay here either. Back in October, I think we said March, thinking that was far in the future.

I’ve cleaned up a bit for Micke and thought for a while about changing his bed sheets but I don’t want to be like a mom, so perhaps I’ll leave it. Yeah. I’ll leave it for him.

Other than that folks, I have nothing to say, but thanks for coming by! The door is always open ๐Ÿ™‚