Signs of blue skies

A sensation is starting to stir within me, like the spring sun that slowly awakens and tries on her new rays.

I have a feeling something is about to happen.

And I don’t mean a change of houses or room mates or jobs, because that changes all the time in my life, but I mean a significant change, in the way I live.

I feel like I am waiting for a sign. A hint. A realization.

I know, it sounds stupid. But there are people who understand. Like my little sister, who told me about the moment when she realized that she had to break up with her boyfriend.

– I bumped into someone on the street, she told me. And I thought of him…the next moment, I was almost hit by a red car and I thought; “I am being run over by love”

I told her that was a beautiful insight and that she did wisely not to neglect it.

I had coffee with my friend George the other day. He lives right by Bagel Deli which somehow has become a second home over the years in Stockholm. George is a steward and whenever I see him he is either jet-lagged, hung over or in a relationship drama. Usually all of it.

– We are looking for staff he said and you’d be perfect. You’d get to go to Thailand, the Dominican Republic and Mexico…he continued.

– Be careful with me, I interrupted. I’m feeling very unpredictable.

As much as I love flying, I won’t be a stewardess. But I’m keeping a very open mind while waiting for clarity.

Looking out my window, blue skies are already clearing up the path.