Looking in my rearview mirror

I’ve always been a traveller. I’ve written before about how my Dad lived in different places when me and my brother were young and how my mom would send us off on buses and trains to go see him. I’ve also told you about my studying years in Båstad when I never stayed in one place for more than six or eight weeks.

I’ve expressed how I’ve lived in so many places in Stockholm I’ve lost count and I’ve stated that the reason why I started this blog is because I felt I was moving, changing and expanding. And so I haven’t been to all that many countries, but I know the art of travelling (and I’ve read the book by Alain de Botton with the same title)

I went to a psychic once and she told me that I have both feet on the ground but that my spirit is very light and flying.

Yes. I do know that feeling and to me, it is true happiness. There is nothing like uplifting moments.

But what goes up must come down and if there is a word I have used perhaps too many times on this blog, it is “Landing”

So I mark my time with the places I’ve been and the times I have come home.

Therefore, when I refer to “this year” it starts with the moment from when I left Cape Town and came home to Sweden. Big point break there. Many many thoughts on that return, on those feelings, but fortunately, it is part of the past.

Another March and I am on the move again.

I don’t know what will happen. I don’t need to know.

But I do need this “launch” into the unknown.

Even if it is just to distinguish yesterday from tomorrow.