Next: Lofoten, Andøy Outdoor Centre

So where is this otherworldly place, I’ve been showing you pictures from?

Let me tell you a bit more:

Lofoten consists of seven main islands, off the coast of Norway, north of the Arctic Circle! There are about 24 000 inhabitants in the area, but much is nature.

And nature is what it’s all about.

Towering mountains, placid fjords, crystal clear water, picturesque fishing villages, white beaches and green hillsides.

In 2007 National Geographic Traveler rated the Lofoten islands as the third most appealing islands in the world (after the Faroe islands of Denmark and the Azores in Spain)

You would think it would be freezing up there but due to the warm Gulf Stream, Lofoten actually has a mild climate and in Winter the average temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius, which makes the sea ice-less and suitable for year-round fishing.

Summers are fresh. That’s all I will say for sure, until I’ve been there. (I’ll be sure to pack smart)

From the end of May until mid July, the midnight sun never dips below the horizon (the downside: in December and January, it doesn’t rise at all!)


The range of activities are huge among the islands.

Hiking, sea kayaking, rock climbing, surfing (best in winter), cycling, scuba diving (in the world’s largest deep water coral reef) skiing, bird watching, fishing, golfing, whale safari’s and outdoor art exhibitions are just some of the activities one could indulge in.



And in winter the mesmerizing Northern lights often dance in green on the canvas of sky.

So, what is it I will be doing there exactly?

I will be working at Andøy outdoor centre/ activity company. Buksnesfjord, where the centre is located lies north in the archipelago, in an area called Vesterålen, famous for whale watching and fishing.



The outdoor centre offers accommodation in country-style lodges as well as a camping spot in a bay along the coast. Their farm-food restaurant is recognized for their traditional but contemporary cuisine, with local produced food such as cheese from the nearby goat farm, home-made bread served with jam from the region’s cloudberries, fish and wild meat caught by the locals and much of it is organic. They recently won a Rural Development Award for their work on sustainable tourism.

Groups of people come there to enjoy the wilderness, to relax in their wood fired bath tub or use the centre as campsite for excursions. Companies may have team building exercises or conferences and there are arranged wildlife packages of 1-4 days.

Me, and a staff of about 20 people will be running the booking, front desk, cleaning, cooking and serving, tour guiding and assisting the visitors/clients.

It will be an all-round kind of job with different schedules and tasks.

The pay is real good. But so are the prices in Norway extremely high.

I will probably be living with two other Swedish girls that are starting around the same time as me. I’ll get in touch with them soon, but I’m used to living with people so it should be cool.

What more can I say?

I’m soo excited! 🙂