Easter = family time

The sun is shining and the snow is gone. This morning when I walked to work I didn’t plug my earphones in. I listened to the chirping birds.

We made it through another winter.

I’m on a six day’s shift which means I won’t be going home for the Easter holidays. I was fine with that, until my mom’s report on this years Easter dinner; for starters creamy butternut soup (my recipe with coconut milk, fresh ginger, coriander and cardamom), followed by oven roasted rosemary lamb served with potato- parmesan and sunchoke (jordärtskocka) gratin and for dessert home-made saffron ice cream and raspberry sauce.

She is the greatest cook I’ll ever know.

I don’t mind working the holidays. The supermarket is busy, everyone’s greeting each other, the kids get free candy, you run around helping customers and check every half an hour that there is enough fresh dill and potato.

And my colleagues are like a family.

I haven’t dared to tell the Chilean cleaning lady I am leaving, knowing she will be sad. We’ve had our little daily conversations for a year now and have become good friends. In the beginning I spoke Italian and she Spanish but in time I have begun to not only understand, but actually speak some Spanish myself – although to someone else, it probably sounds like some kind of Italish.

I will miss her, but what makes me more sad, is that she will miss me.

She doesn’t have children of her own.

She doesn’t have anyone that appreciates her cooking, like a child does.

I kinda wish I had been home after all.