#27. José Gonzáles – Veneer

Artist: José Gonzáles

Album: Veneer

Country: Sweden

Released: In Sweden 2003, in the rest of Europe and US 2005

Web: Website Dusted Reviews

Favourite tracks: Lovestain, Heartbeats, Crosses, Deadweight on Velveteen, Stay In the Shade, Save Your Day, Broken Arrows

I couldn’t decide between “Veneer” and “In Our Nature”, two equally brilliant albums by the Swede-Argentinian. I chose his debut album because it really blew in and stoke up the Swedish music scene in 2003, with his “quiet is the new loud”- kind of sound.  His break-through, covering fellow Swedes the Knife, bounced its way through the TV screens from a San Fransisco hill and hit us like heartbeats.