One more cup of coffee, for the road

I feel it really is time to move soon. It feels like I am saying so long to people, as if all my to-do’s are done.

I told the cleaning lady I am leaving. I didn’t know how to explain fully in Spanish so I sent an e-mail where I could look up the words and stuff. I attached pictures of the place where I’m going so that she could see for herself.

She replied with the cutest message written in the cutest broken Swedish, saying she was really sad to hear the news, although happy for me, she wondered who she would speak to now when her best amiga sueca was gone. But I’ve promised to stay in touch and one day come visit her and her family in Chile.

The next day at work she gave me a gift.

It was a coffee cup set and Chilean chocolates. She said now I could have my coffee and think of her and the way we always joked about “el cafecito” in the morning.

Te quiero mucho, we told each other with a hug.

Another friend, another coffee and a walk across the bridge with an almost warm evening breeze and light feet, ready to run, full of energy and much more me, made it clear that I’m done here.

I’ve booked my trip up to Lofoten. 20 hours on a direct night train + a bus and some ferries and I’m there. It was dead cheap! (418 SEK = 55 USD) and that is in a sleeping car. A normal seat was half the price but I figured I could allow myself the luxury to lay down, seeing it is such a long trip and flying would have been much more and worse on the environment.

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

And I’ve always loved the ride!