Little furry buds ready to blossom

I dreamt of great whales whipping their tails on the surface of the pond, beneath my window. Like the ones I used to see in South Africa. Like the ones I will soon see in Norway, but this was here, in a southern Stockholm suburb. In the dream, I reached for my camera but the view was moving and I had to hurry to get the shot.

I woke up. My camera was by my bedside. But the whales were gone. The pond was there though, and the morning sun shone bright on its surface.

My other roomie, was talking to his brother in the kitchen. I glanced at the time. It was 7 a.m in the morning and he had just come back from Finland, to stay here again, with us, at least on the weekends.

Not that it makes any difference since I’m moving out soon. People come and go, just like the days of our lives…

Later today, sun still shining on the pond, I had a walk and talk with a new friend, someone who just like me, had been hidden in snow all winter, but had come out to play, to tell me once again, that there is still so much to discover.

And although it isn’t Love that fills the air, it is Happiness,

and little furry buds ready to blossom.