Five boys in the house tonight. My roomies’ 10 year old cousins, chips, candy and coke. Movie night with the company of Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago. Brings the men out of the boys and although it’s way past their bedtime they start doing situps from Micke’s shoulders (inspired by a scene in the movie) and try their luck on the chin up bar. We’ve just made their beds and made them brush their teeth and soon the Friday Fun is over.

Although, we all know, that doesn’t translate to Fredagsmys.

Tomorrow, a friend of mine have free tickets to a wine fair so I might check that out, before my little sister comes over for food and perhaps some more wine before going to the street dance performance, The Last Bounce. My friends are out so if me and sis are feeling bouncy we can always meet up.

Sunday I have a few loose plans with friends. I hear it will be sunny. It’s been a good week. I’ve got a feeling…that this weekend is gonna be even better!

God natt!