Oh peace train sounding louder

Now I’ve been smiling lately,

thinking about the good things to come

And I believe it could be,

something good has begun

3 more weeks before I get on the night train to Lofoten. I feel like I’ve been waiting since forever. Everything is more or less set already. I just need to buy some outdoor gear, get my 2009 life cleaned out and stacked in boxes, say goodbye to friends and fam, and great house mates.

Turns out, I won’t be going alone! One of my best friends from last year in Cape Town, Maria, will be working at a small hotel further south in the archipelago! A few hours from my island but still, someone to relate to, to rely on. I spent every day with Maria for a whole year in Cape Town, at work, off work, in the bars, at the beaches, on the road, in all kinds of situations, and she is one of the greatest people I know! Over this year in Stockholm now we have gotten even closer so I am extra happy that it is her that I get to share this experience with, although she will come up a week after me and go back a few months earlier. Here she is getting ready for the outdoors!

Get your bags together,

go bring your good friends too

Cause it’s getting nearer,

it soon will be with you

In a way it feels weird to leave Sweden when it is at its most beautiful, especially since the winter was so hard. But I decided on this summer long ago and I know it will feel great once I get up there.

A different kind of summer. No sippin rosé, no going to festivals or outdoor shows, no Arcade Fire at Dalhalla 30th of June! Seriously!! How can this happen to me? My dad lives just around the corner from this turquoise water surrounded limestone quarry opera venue in the middle of the forest! Arcade Fire will make magic there.

But you can only be at one place at the same time. And I will be making time for future experiences as I go along, riding on the peace train…

Now come and join the living,

it’s not so far from you

And it’s getting nearer,

soon it will all be true