Meze mingle

Sunday morning. Spring rain is pouring over the lush tree tops of Stockholm.

My window is wide open, like my heart.

Lying on my bed I have a perfect view of the sky, the heavy clouds drifting slowly. One of many things I will miss when I leave this place.

Music is playing in the living room. The boys are playing video games. Or watching some sit com. Or something else that boys do. I will miss them, maybe the most.

I am munching on the thin forest fruit chocolate I got from Sophie yesterday. I got chocolate from Jessica and a funny wedding chocolate box from Maria too. We laughed about our crown princess’ wedding hype and I said that if I ever got an outhouse loo I would put the cover up in a frame. Sandra, Ida and Emma game me a real cute kit of outdoor magazines and trail mix nuts.

I had a little farewell party yesterday with home-made meze’s; spicy meatballs, hummus, grilled pepper and walnut spread, falafel, tabbouleh, garlic and mint yoghurt, grilled halloumi cheese, olives, wine leaves dolmades and pita bread.

My best friend Peter even brought a home-made marzipan cake. Best one I’ve ever had.

It was wonderful to have them gathered. Friends from different times of my life. From my home town. From college. From Cape Town. From the many different years in Stockholm.

I felt like a little cheeky spider smiling in a web of all the loved ones I have around me.

People were chatting. Drinking. Watching Champions League or the amazing view. Everyone was having a good time. I couldn’t be more content.

They asked if I was excited to go and I said I was all set. I’ve got a new backpack, real good hiking shoes, some new outdoor gear and a wide open heart.

To let the smiles in.