Compass pointing North

On the night train to Narvik, Norway.

18 more hrs to go.

In my sleeping car; Kerstin, Kerstin and Alice.

Wonderful, real Northern ladies with great life stories to tell. They are all excited for my summer in Lofoten and have given their approval of Norwegian men – because they are so charming.

Green fields, red wooden houses and crystal clear water flashing by my window whilst the car softly rocks us forward.

I had a delicious lunch with my extra gran Ursula before going to the train station. For dessert we had home made ice cream with strawberries and she took a picture of me in my new (but already a favourite) Fjällräven Kajka backpack.

I packed all morning but had to leave half of the stuff I had planned to bring. After much contemplation I decided the SLR camera had to go, as well as the rubber boots. I left a few other things that I’m hoping the boys will be kind enough to drop off at my mom’s place, where my old room serves as storage.

I was a sad to leave Micke and Tomas and the flat with the view but I got a real pretty last sunrise, a cute hand written card and a compass.

My last week in Stockholm has been so beautiful I can only smile and leave with the comfort that distance and time won’t separate me from these people.

I left work on Monday. John, the Scotsman, put on his best jacket and read me a poem: Farewell to Helen. I got tears in my eyes. He gave me a hug and told me I had made a great difference to him during this time we’ve worked together. I could only agree. The others mostly joked about when I’d be back.

The Flight of the Conchords show on Monday was hilarious!! It was extra special because I got to share it with Maria, whom I watched the entire series with in Cape Town. And just a week after me, she is coming to Lofoten to work.

Ain’t life funny?

You never know which places it takes you, what people it brings on your path but one thing is for sure;

With a compass pointing towards happiness you can never really be lost.