(Hitch) hikes and rock climbs

I had an amazing day on Saturday. Slept really well in my fancy three bedroom rorbu, got up and had coffee at the dock and said farewell to the Englishmen. Checked out and walked across the little square where a woman was renting out rooms in her attic (for three times less than the rorbu) and left my backpack there. Then I took the time to explore the area.

I went on a fjord cruise in the morning. There are really nice beaches on the other side of the mountain that I wanted to go to but people said I wouldn’t have a chance to get back because there were no more boats passing by, which ruled that option out.

Back in Reine it was quite cloudy but I didn’t want to miss out on the postcard panorama from Reinebringen so I started hiking the 670 meter mountain, wondering half way what I had gotten myself into. Rocks, steep and narrow passages, mud and water. But about an hour later the sky cleared up and I reached the sunlit summit and just like I imagine it must feel like to give birth (alright, maybe I’m being a little dramatic 😉 all the struggle was forgotten and the satisfaction was worth every step.

It was breathtaking!!

I wish I could upload the videos but my Internet is too slow, even pictures take ages and they don’t nearly capture the mesmerizing moment. I’ll upload one picture now and hope I’ll have better connection soon to share some more.

A couple from Colorado came up and we sat for a long time watching the majestic scenery together, all agreeing it was the wildest thing we’ve seen.

How precious this spot was;

quiet, real, no signs, no tourists except us, just nature at its best.

It was 10 p.m when we got back into Reine, and we had heard there was a band playing at the local pub in Sorvågen, so we thought we’d check that out. We started walking along the road hoping some cars would pass by and give us a ride but apparently people were either already there or had nestled into their houses, because for the full hour we walked only two cars came by and they were full. Although it was midnight the sky was bright and we were having fun, so we didn’t mind walking really.

When we got to the place there turned out to be an entrance fee of 100 NOK, the cover band was terrible and there were only drunken middle age women on the dance floor so we quickly came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth it (plus we wouldn’t have enough money for beer anyway) so we just sneaked into the bathroom, drank as much water as possible and started our hitch hike back. This time we were more lucky and got picked up half way.

I slept like a baby in my room with the view of the mountain backdrop.