Sing it Princess-sis Sara!

My little sister graduates from high school today and turns 19 tomorrow.

I remember the first time I saw her. My brother and I were nine and ten and it was late when we had come to my dad and his wife’s house to check out our baby sister. We were soooo excited, giggling and laughing all the way to the cradle. And there she was, sleeping quietly.

Just like the name Sara means princess.

It was magic. I’ve loved her ever since.

I am so sad I can’t be there to congratulate her on her special day. I know how tough the years in school have been. The many and long hours of home work. The family and boyfriend issues. I know because she has shared it all with me.

At her graduation reception she will perform a song on guitar. It’s a thank-you song to us friends and family for being there for her. Especially you Helen, she told me.

I got to hear it through the computer but for a few minutes it felt like I was right there, in front of her, smiling.

In reality, I was in a café with tears of proudness rolling down my cheeks.

The princess has become a queen.

Little heart I held

I still remember, I was a child

You grew up so fast, no use trying

To understand, the moments never last

Little love

But not so little you are

Tall and proud

You stand out in the crowd

I would give you anything

If I did not know

You had it all, you gave it twice

And returned to me the good advice

Little sister

Go ahead into the world

Don’t be afraid, falling is how you know

Life will carry you

Wherever you go

No matter the roads you travel

Forget the map, remember,

The compass may be wrong

The only thing important in life

Is listening to your own song