Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in

My friend Andreas stayed for four days. Poor guy came with a bunch of beers and were hoping to have fun. We were three girls, tired from work, complaining about the job and trying to decide what to do with our lives. There was no internet or TV in the house so he couldn’t watch the World Cup and it has been raining the whole time so he couldn’t do much outside either.

We talked, made meatballs and listened to bad radio but basically, in a house like this, you kinda get on each other’s nerves after a while. One night he asked (in a Chuck Klosterman kind of way)

– You were sent to a deserted island. Would you bring a friend or Facebook?

– A friend of course, I answered.

– Would you bring me, or Facebook?

– Hmm…

But I’m glad he came after all and shook things up in the house a bit.

Sunday night, Maria came up from Kabelvåg, in the middle of Lofoten, where she works. She is one of my best friends and I love the idea of how we share these crazy things and views on life.

She always brings sunshine and so she did that night as well – through the scattered rain.

That night, we made chickpeas and curry stew, played cards and talked and laughed again. The attitude around here has just been way too serious lately because of the disappointment on the job.

I mean, it’s not all bad and maybe it will even get better. I don’t know. It could also get worse.

But on Saturday night, because of the Swedish crown princess’ wedding and because Johanna had made the coolest Swedish sandwich cake and with Midsummer approaching, they put the outdoor hot pool on for us. It was so hot we had to run down to the shore line for a dip in the brain freezing cold Norwegian Sea.

Makes you feel you’re alive.

Today is Tuesday and I am off work and online. Looking up alternatives what to do, where to go, and trying to make some sense out of it all.

That is, an ordinary day in my life 🙂