Whale watching (us?)

There is something peaceful about whales I think.

Maybe it’s the fact that they are so big (15-20 metres) and slow (well, about 50 kph)

It’s the way they live at the bottom of the deep blue sea and occasionally come up to gather oxygen in their enormous tank. It’s how they lay breathing and blowing at the surface for a while before they dive back down. They don’t seem to worry about anything. (That isn’t true though. I learnt that they are really afraid of killer whales which is why you rarely see both in the sea at the same time)

Life at sea just seems to have a way of its own.

I was lucky to see three huge sperm whales yesterday on my day out with Andenes Whale Safari. It was a trip out with an old fisher boat and because I work in the area I got to come onboard as “staff”. People from all over Europe had gathered on the boat in hope of seeing the great mammals.

Me and another Swedish girl had found a sunny spot on deck and were just saying how we weren’t much for organized trips and that we didn’t really mind whether we saw whales or not, when suddenly we saw a huge black rock floating right in front of us.

We got all excited and started taking pictures and videos. We smiled awkwardly and agreed that this was kinda cool after all.

The air was fresh and my hands were freezing holding on the reeling.

Standing front row, right on the bow, enjoying the sun in my face, watching a giant living and breathing whale before my eyes was really special.

And the moment when it gracefully whipped its tale to wave goodbye made me return his greeting with a big smile.

But I wonder what the whale was thinking, watching a flock of tourists holding their cameras steady, ironically, not to miss the moment.