On the sunny (Swedish) side

I am on the train back home to Sweden.

Yeah, it’s a long story but basically things at work, didn’t work out.

It may sound a little dramatic that I quit work yesterday and left this morning but it had been coming for a while and frankly I couldn’t stand another day at that place.

It was hard to leave the girls behind though.

And the rest of the sweet staff.

One of them said it felt like we were children in hospital and I could go home, but she had to stay.

I promised to send lots of sunshine and my thoughts (although, looking at the weather report they will have to wait a bit on the sunshine part)

I just crossed the Swedish border and at 6.30 tomorrow morning, I arrive at my home town station.

Mom has already promised me a sunny breakfast on the balcony.

And then half a summer is waiting on me!

I know I made the right choice, remembering a friend’s advice:

Always leave, before it’s time to go.

See you on the sunny (Swedish) side! 🙂