Design your own shoes/life

I have been home for almost a week.

And I mean that literally.

I have not left the house on more than two occasions; when I went to visit Frida and her family and when I had lunch with my gran. I have been out running in the woods every day though and been biking in the country side but needless to say, I have felt a need to just BE.

Not many friends actually know that I am home. But I’m excited to see them all soon. Can’t bum around the house much longer.

I have been reading.

Finished one book in three days. Askungar by Kristina Ohlsson. Parts of it was too scary to read before night time so I searched my old book shelves for something more positive and thought to myself; it’s been seven years since I read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, I could read that again. So I did.

For those of you who have not read the book, it portrays the power of pursuing your dreams and desires. And of course, that had me thinking…

I love books. I love the covers. I love the letters. I love the stories.

Oh, and I love book stores (especially those where you can sit and have coffee while you read)

But even though I love writing I have never thought of taking a writer’s course or literature class.

And even though my dream is to one day publish poetry – my own or someone else’s – (I leave that unsaid) I have not taken any step toward making that dream a reality.

Or have I? Is that what I am doing, right now?

Is not the mere fact that I am announcing it, a huge step forward?

But I have many roads to travel before then (like the Alchemist Shepard) and undoubtedly there are many side tracks.

I could see myself doing some kind of design.

The other day Bibbi asking me to vote for a pair of shoes she had designed on the fashion site Nelly. I am normally not that interested in online contests but I had a look to see what it was about.

A few minutes later I found myself completely captivated by the task.

Heels, leather, pearls, patterns, colours and shapes. I couldn’t stop! And it reminded me of how much I love playing with design. (What happened to my previous plans of being a graphic designer anyway?)

One of the many things I have realized these past days;

Never underestimate the power of boredom.

First pair, I was thinking Sassy but Stylish.

Second pair: A stroll on Sunset Boulevard.