Quilt me

Yesterday I lay awake thinking.

About the great day I had  in the grass, under the sun.

About the beautiful patchwork of people I rest upon.

Each person, a piece of color and contour in the pattern that is life.

And mine is very sweet at the moment.

Still, my thoughts couldn’t help but drift to other places, other times.

Two weeks ago I was living in a completely different setting.

Two years ago I started this blog!

And in between that, so much has happened. So much has changed.

I know I have a hard time letting go. Maybe that is why I am so impatient.

Sometimes it feels like the past haunts me

and I am trying to run

as fast as I can to the future…

but I keep stepping on my own toes,

falling at my own feet.

Landing, softly on the quilt.