Life is a festival!

Way Out West is the just the coolest festival!

Sure, it’s no Lollapalooza, Coachella, SXSW or Glastonbury.

But it is Swedish; well organized, ambitious, clean, eco-friendly, cool. No junkies or obnoxious people that will try to steal you place. In fact, your crowd neighbor will kindly move aside to make sure you get a good view. Should I go on? A pretty and lush central park. The beautiful coastline city of Göteborg (Gothenburg) Free coffee, snacks and water. All the langos you can eat.

A line-up that mixes music icons with future legendary bands and Sweden’s finest world class music.

It’s impossible to express all the greatness I experienced this weekend.

LCD Soundsystem and Chemical Brothers were insane, Miike Snow was GOD and M.I.A slaughtered the stage! Iggy was just being the icon he is, Wu-Tang Clan rocked, XX, Local Natives and Beach House were as wonderful as expected. Soundtrack of Our Lives with the philharmonic orchestra was a beautiful treat and Lykke Li as cool as always.

But one of the most beautiful music experiences of my life was after midnight in the church Annedalskyrkan with Polish/Canadian Basia Bulat’s amazing voice, not only filling up the entire church but making tears swell and mascara run. Needless to say, me, Stina and Tomas walked home in the warm evening, in complete satisfaction.

It’s funny the contrasts a festival brings.

You are rocking out to a lightshow inferno, dancing in mud under the treetops, losing your friends in the crowd only to find your heart breaking at the beauty of music.

To top it up Håkan Hellström had returned to the scene, ten years later, to his home town, to play his debut album from beginning to end and holy macaroni was it epic! 25 000 open hearts pouring with joy, singing at the top of their lungs, “Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteboooorg” * and with the sky fading into pink and the band noticeably moved by the magic of the evening time really seemed to send us back to those naive and bewildered days.

While you are young – SING! Håkan shouted.

Festivals don’t get any better than this, neither does life!

*   Don’t feel sorry for me  Gothenburg  (major hit and cult song)