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After my little friends and fam trip of two weeks I was supposed to stay home in the small town and start straighten things out, where to go, what to do. The usual.

My plan was to stop and rewind the record, at least for a little bit.

But after three days at home, not doing much else but biking, the weekend was approaching and the sound of a two days outdoor festival in Stockholm started playing repeatedly in my head.

Popaganda is held in a swimming park area and with just two stages it’s not a big festival at all. In fact, many of the bands playing were pretty average indie electro pop hyped bands, probably forgotten tomorrow.

But Robyn, The Magic Numbers and Hot Chip made the ticket worthwhile

Robyn: the little blonde girl that grew up to be Sweden’s uncrowned dance queen, with the high pitched voice singing from the deep corners of every heartbroken soul; and it hurts with every heartbeat…

The Magic Numbers with their equal parts of cheerfulness and melancholy.

And the highlight: Hot Chip‘s pumping electronic beats and flashing neon lights, under the starry sky and my dance delighted feet ripping up the grass.

Walking “home” along the water’s edge, reflections of the past in the water…

So I find myself in the boys’ apartment again.

Micke watching something on his laptop. Tomas and Gustav playing video games, the apartment in more or less of a mess, and me, still without a clue on what to do next.

But the air seeping in from the window is so fresh.

And the record keeps playing sweet music.