#32. H.H – Känn ingen sorg…

Artist: Håkan Hellström

Album: Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg (Feel no sorrow for me Gothenburg)

Country: Sweden

Released: October 2000

Web: News Reviews

Favourite tracks: All – just as they are – from beginning to end.

Confession: this might be the album I have listened to most in my life. I’m not kidding. In between tuneful English singer-songwriters, American rock classics and trendy Swedish indie pop, Håkan Hellström’s debut album has been somewhat of a best friend, one that you know inside and out, and love unconditionally.

A best friend that never fails to put you in high spirits.

This album has been played on numerous road trips (remembering endless stretches of trees going up to Östersund with my brother back in 2001) and performed a capella riding from Long Street to Camps Bay, Cape Town.

But then again, this album is a trip in itself!

Nostalgic? YES! And without a doubt, you must be Swedish to appreciate the lyrics and probably even the music.

Translating Håkan Hellström’s intro at Way Out West:

“A song about growing up. A song about falling in love”

And apparently he describes his album as:

“…waking up the morning after, wondering where you are headed”

Ten years earlier…