#33. Hot Chip x 3

Artist: Hot Chip

Albums: The Warning, Made In The Dark & One Life Stand

Country: UK

Released: 2006, 2008 & 2010

Web: Official Website

Favourite tracks: Too many to mention.

I simply can’t choose between the three albums. If I could decide all tracks should be remixed together into one great sweaty dance session.

But then the heart-stirring love songs like In The Privacy Of Our Love, We’re Looking For A Lot Of Love, Made In The Dark, Look After Me, and So Glad To See You, would have to be on an album of their own.

And actually, the diversity of songs is just what makes Hot Chip so great.

They are impossible to classify.

Their geeky appearance contradicts the sophisticated arrangements of electronic instruments and harmonic vocals in a mix of catchy, colourful tunes.

As much as I love the classics such as Ready For The Floor, Over And Over, Hold On and No Fit State I must admit that they have found the golden middle way on their latest album, where layers of deep beats, captivating vocals and high hopeful lyrics go hand in hand, building up the songs from scratch to sensation.