All roads lead to Rome

Looking out from my grandpa’s window today, while feeding him soup and listening to his sometimes amusing gibberish, I noticed a slight change of colour on the treetops.

Autumn has arrived.

I pulled my scarf closer as the fresh ocean winds blew in, biking into town for a little dinner with my mom. I have been feeling a cold coming for a while and spent the last two days in bed, treating myself with a traditional ayurveda cure of honey, turmeric and ginger (probably the best tasting medicine around)

I need to get better before next week, when mom and I go to Italy.

Yup, apparently it’s true. I have the tickets right here.

It feels unreal that I will set foot on Roman ground again. That I will walk down the streets of Fori Imperiali and Via del Corso, stroll around Trastevere and eat gelato at Campo de’ Fiori.

And that I’ll meet my Italian (second) family again, seing it’s been seven years since I was last in Rome and ten years since that wild summer camp in Calabria.

What has changed? What has not? Will the bar I used to work at still be there? Will American kids still pub crawl around the piazzas at night? Will Italian men be just as persistent?

Do all roads lead to Rome?

Or do all roads eventually lead Home?