Looking up. Looking in…

My mind is pulling in all sorts of direction right now.

One part of me tries to realize that I leave for Italy in two days while another is looking for job opportunities in the Caribbean this winter. Or some other sunny place.

All this time I am loving my country in its autumn outfit; fresh and earthy.

I almost fell into the ditch Saturday, biking home after a delicious wine and cheese indulgence with my childhood friend Pernilla (blue cheese on ginger bread biscuit with pear marmalade and honey coated pecan = deadly combination)

It was midnight and the sky was velvet blue, the scent of garden apples filled the air. I know these streets, these pastel wooden houses and hills. I still love coming home to find my memories intact, unchanged, right where I left them.

But what mislead my thoughts were the amount of stars blazing up above.

With the risk of sounding nonchalant, but it was almost like the skies at beaches abroad. The ones you just can’t stop staring at.

Why don’t we raise our gaze at the skies at home?

Why don’t we enjoy, more often, what’s in our own back yard?

I got off my bike and walked to the middle of a little square park. The grass was damp and the sound of cars passing by with teenagers pumping music made me smile and feel like I was an alien that had landed accidentally in this beautiful setting, that no one around seemed to take notice of.

I stood there for a long time. Looking up. Looking in.

Even though my mind, with all its desires and decisions are as scattered as the stars, my soul rested in the completeness of the picture.

Knowing that one day, it will make perfect sense.