The best pictures are inside

Back in my old room at my mother’s house.

I am spending the day in my brand new queen-size bed (yes, it’s true, I have bought myself my first piece of furniture) with a thick duvet and several pillows, looking out the window at autumn tinted trees being drenched in endless rain…

Sunny Italy feels very far.

Yet, the recollection of my sandals treading Rome’s cobble stoned streets with my eyes dancing on the ancient buildings, the breathtaking fountains and the flock of tourists, remains a clear picture.

Speaking of pictures, I just uploaded 991 photos from one of my cameras. The other one, which is a DSLR that gives much more depth and clarity, ran out of battery after just a few shots. Until I find the charger those photos are stuck in the camera.

Italy is a photographer’s dream.

Everywhere you look there are picturesque alleys and old doors where stray cats sit in a corner, a classic Mediterranean image. Add scenic piazzas, fresh fruit markets, little Italian ladies, men in wild gestured discussions, tourists strolling the beach esplanade licking on dripping gelato, a Riviera with lined up umbrellas and vain men toasting in the sun, local little bars that serve strong caffè in cute cups and red and white checkered table cloth restaurants…

I think you got the picture, but I’ll share some anyway.

First Rome and later Cinque Terre.

The best pictures are inside though.

And I don’t mean inside the camera.