World, hold on

It is Friday night and I am sipping on the last glass of the lovely fresh white wine that mom and I shared for dinner, with our Halibut in cognac and mushroom cream sauce topped with parmesan cheese. Believe me, it was luscious. It was such a pleasure of a meal, I felt a bliss of happiness take over me as we sat in our little kitchen, my mom’s eyes sparkling from the light of the chandeliers.

I am happy. I am satisfied.

And she tells me not to worry, that I can stay as long as I need.

But I know, time flutters likes the leaves that whirls down from the trees.

And she has already done enough for me.

It is seriously time for me to start moving again. I’ve loved the last two months and the freedom that came with the money I earned in Norway. But after a few road trips, music festivals, a new bed and a trip to Italy freedom is sand running through an hour glass – polvere di tempo…

It’s just that…I don’t know yet. I need more time.

I want to flip the hour glass and start all over.

I have too many options, too many thoughts and dreams, too much ambition.

But I don’t know where to start.

I want to travel, I know that much, but money is short. I would make it to Asia for a couple of months but then what? Where would I go?

Therefore, I am looking at options where I could work abroad for six months or maybe a year, and after that, travel more freely.

Why is money equivalent to freedom? Does it have to be like that? What am I telling myself?

What am I waiting for?

I spoke to a friend the other day and we both agreed that if it truly was about the inner journey all we had to do was pack a backpack, hit the bike and get on the road. But we don’t.

Instead I keep thinking that I need to make money.

I have a list of cruise line companies written down. I have contacts in the Caribbean. I have friends all over the world ready to accommodate me and a family at home rooting for me. I have a passion for eco-tourism and local culture (which is why I have second thoughts about cruises). I have potentials.

I just wish someone would take me by the hand and guide me right.