It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day

Good morning Sweden! Good morning World!

Good morning golden sun casting light on the lake!

Good morning Basia Bulat’s amazing voice filling up the entire living room!

Last days of September and I am in countryside Forsa where my friend Frida lives with Andreas, their two year old son Mio, a cat named “the Kitty” and a dog called Kira.

In a few months they will have a second baby. Mio keeps asking when the baby comes. We tell him Santa has to come first.

I’ve been hanging out here a few days, picking Mio up from kindergarten, playing in the park and preparing family dinners. I get to put Mio to bed and read him stories and he calls me “Len” and I completely melt.

Family life is sweet but far, seeing I:

  1. Don’t have a boyfriend (and don’t want one either)
  2. Don’t have a home (of my own)
  3. Don’t have a job (and not sure what job I want)

I waved goodbye to Mio who was pretending to be a rooster, gave Frida her lunchbox and a hug.

And now, I have the house to myself and yet another beautiful day ahead of me.

My other childhood friend Madelene is coming over in a few hours and we’re going to check out a few second-hand stores in search of old fashioned furniture and funky items for a restaurant that our friend is opening this weekend in Stockholm.

I know I should focus on finding work, but living has just been so great lately with all the family and friends (and their families) I have around.

Life happens.

And happiness is in the little things.

Picking mushrooms with my uncle, drinking coffee from a thermos, taking the bike down to town to change grandpa’s curtains, going to the pub with friends, running in the woods, wasting time in the library reading random books just because I can.

Don’t worry, I will send those applications too.

Just after I finish this cup of coffee. I promise.