I’ve been…

Eating my fav sandwich in the morning: avo, coriander and sea salt

Enjoying Beatrice’s most amazing home made cookies.

(The French Macaroni’s are to die for!)

Going out to dinner with my Italian teacher

Drinking coffee outdoor home-town-style with my ex roomie

And family-life style at my childhood friend’s house

Cuddling with their new-born, Emilia (I know, she looks mostly frightened)

Going to the library with grandma

Hanging out with Mio

And Carola’s daughter Nova (taking pictures at each other)

Spending Friday nights at home.

(Here we invited our neighbour Bosse up for scallops served with pasta in a creamy white wine sauce, topped with roasted pine nuts and sprinkled prociutto, à la mamma! Best restaurant in town the World!)

Making my vision board and having awesome talks with my coach (no, not the cat 😉 ) Feeling excited about coming chapters in my life!

Thanx for peekin’ in!