What if I get to choose?

A friend tells me my hopes are too high.

Not that I should “settle” or anything…but that, well, maybe my future husband won’t both be a great cook and musician. We laugh of course.

I want to tell her that it’s not about food and music, those are just metaphors.

It’s about being playful.

It’s about being curious.

It’s in the desire to want to fill your everyday life with moments of value.

Another friend tells me I have an eye for beauty.

But also, that I “beautify” things.

(Serves the old saying: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder)

Yes, I know, I have a tendency to spot those little glimpses of wonder…;) But that doesn’t mean, I am not aware of pain and suffering, and the shadow-side of life. I have been down too you know. I have my doubts that I struggle with, my own obstacles.

Beauty, for me, is not all blossoming trees and clear blue skies.

Beauty, for me, is in the perception, on the inside,

above and beyond what meets the eye.

A third person tells me I seem to get what I want.

That somehow, things turn out the way I imagine.

He also tells me, that I live in a fantasy world.

I’m sensing that some advice have no other purpose than to keep me from getting disappointed. Well meant maybe. But it leaves me with an unspoken expectation that life will not go my way, that my dreams are separate from my reality and that life, eventually will let me down.

But what if it doesn’t?

What if it does the opposite?

What if life not only goes my way, but shows me new ways, takes me to new undiscovered corners of myself, that my reality is better than I could ever have imagined, and that I am responsible for lifting myself up, again and again?

What if it’s about being alive, instead of living?

That would leave me no other choice, than to embrace it all, wouldn’t it?

Besides, aren’t we all creators of our own “reality”??