#35. Craig Cardiff and Rose Cousins

Artists: Craig Cardiff and Rose Cousins

Album: Gingers on Barrington St. (Live)

Released: 2003

Country: Canada

Web: Official Website MySpace

Favourite tracks: Miles to Go, 4 Feet Off The Ground, Circus and Always Goes are the most heartbraking ones. Story about Chicopee is funny and the all the others are just sweet, easy listening.

Craig Cardiff is one of Canada’s best kept secrets. It was passed on to me by a Canadian friend and I immediately took it to heart. Now I am confident that you will cherish this little gem of an artist for what he is: a performer.

He’s been playing for years in Canada, at campsites, for children, for benefit projects, but he doesn’t want to go big. He wants to stay there, connected to the people, with only his voice, his guitar and the enchantment of the audience.

BUT! Since the Swedish free music stream program Spotify is expanding just like Skype did a few years ago, a whole new world of music has open to us up here in the land of pop.

AND! Imagine my surprise when this wonderful album “Gingers on Barrington St” is available for listening.

SO! Now, even us outside of Canada, can be captivated by his music, almost as if he was right in front of us.