Worth watching!

I rarely watch TV. I have never owned a TV and I’ve lived for years without missing one.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t loved times when there has been a TV. Times when I’ve crawling up in the couch with a boyfriend, watching a good movie on a Friday night, eaten way too much candy and fallen asleep in his arms.

But well, that isn’t exactly the case right now. Instead, I find myself in my mom’s living room and while she lies snoring on the couch next to me, I’m in charge of the remote.

Zapping around the few channels she has,

I have caught some really great programs lately:

– The extraordinary BBC nature documentary LIFE which completely blew me away with the underwater close up footage of corals reefs and their nature. And diving under the solid ice of Antarctica!



– VH1 Storyteller’s: Foo Fighters, a re-run (I had only caught the interview part before), recorded around the time they released their Greatest Hits Album. Not only are FF one of the best modern rock bands, but Dave Grohl is such an entertainer. I love the story about when Bob Dylan asked Dave Grohl to be taught “Everlong”. Dave Grohl said, that was the highlight of his career. What could beat that? “I’m done”, he said.



– Then, a few nights ago, a great movie was on. “Things we lost in the fire” by Danish director Susanne Bier. Truth is, I have been meaning to write about this movie, as well as another one of hers “After the wedding”, for more than a year. She has made a few other movies that have also been critically acclaimed.

Halle Berry’s vulnerability, beauty and strength and Benicio del Toro’s very real heroin relapse in “Things we lost in the fire”, makes this one of my favourite movies.

Susanne Bier must have a way with actors because the emotions that they portray are just magnificent. Even when no words are expressed, or especially when no words are expressed.

Like in the intense scene in “After the wedding” when Mads Mikkelsen spots his old love at a wedding and when he realizes he has a daughter.



Every now and then, TV surprises me.