Being the person I’d like to become

You might think I am being irresponsible an impulsive right now, but I wouldn’t go if I didn’t know there was something to come back to, something very interesting.

Two years ago when I started this blog, I wrote a description of myself:

I am trying to be the person I’d like to become.

I remember thinking it was a pretty smart line and it made me smile. But to be honest I didn’t pay it much thought after that.

Until recently.

Talking to a coach has really had me thinking about that “future me” I told you that I can see glimpses of. And having to expressed this “future me” in words, has given her clearer features and attributes.

The person I’d like to become is much more determined, business-minded and disciplined (without losing her warmth, openess and softness, which ultimately defines her)

In order to become this woman, I have expressed a need to commit to something, to face a real challenge and to begin working with something that is natural to me, that will allow me to connect to my true source of creativeness and inspiration.

I understand that change doesn’t happen overnight and our character and behavior are made up by complex chemical reactions in our cells, the patterns of the past.

It takes willpower to re-program our settings.

And more than anything, it requires new information. New actions. New experiences.

So, when an opportunity came up that would require me to stay, instead of going, discipline instead of a drifting lifestyle, making decisions instead of making plans and a responsibility toward that woman I’d like to become, there is no question about it; challenges changes.

I’m excited and scared.