Room in the heart, room for the bum

It’s 6.30 in the morning and I don’t need to be up. I don’t have a job to go to, remember! I do however have a coffee date with a friend at 10 and hairdresser at 12, but now, I’m just lying in bed, listening to the casts of snow against my window.

I leave for Cape Town in 10 days! It will be another holiday, but a different one I believe. It’s funny how things happen so quickly sometimes. Instead of all this contemplating whether to go back or not, all it took was a text message from a friend who works at a travel agency, a dead cheap ticket with 24hrs notice. Another text message to Lorena that lives down in Cape Town, checking if there was room on her couch, and I was practically on my way.

I can’t wait to see my friends in Cape Town again! As Chris said: “it is the big 3.0” meaning all of us have been going through changes, going back and forth to Cape Town but for some reason, many of us seem to be starting a whole new chapter in our lives about now.

Lorena: Ah the gig is on Saturday but I don’t care as soon as I finish work I’m just running to you and will pee in my pants too!!!

This girl always makes me laugh!

And Tess that is just moving to a flat in the area around beautiful Clifton beach wrote me that although her place may not be big there was plenty of “hjärterum” (cordial space) which stems from a Swedish proverb:

Om det finns hjärterum, så finns det stjärterum.

Simply translated into something like: “room in the heart, creates room for the bum” (originally referring to the ass, but in English it could also be interpreted as the homeless drifter)

How I love languages.