Warm, fuzzy & fulfilled

First of Advent.

We lit the first candle and start counting down for Christmas.

I admit to feeling a little bummed about missing the Christmas preparations this year, the candle-lit evenings, Lucia celebrations, glowing stars and jingle bells. I know there will be Christmas decorations in Cape Town too, but let’s be honest; it doesn’t compare to a white December.

And it sure is white. It has been snowing endlessly for five days. And today the sun even came out a little, shedding a golden glow upon the powder snow.

To get into the atmosphere my friend LJ and I had some (alright, a bottle of) glögg the other night with blue cheese on ginger bread cookies. I love glögg and I don’t even know if the English “Mulled wine” translates to our Swedish version or if the German “Glühwein” is more similar or if they’re all the same.

There are plenty of brands and flavours to choose from these days. Red wine, white wine, cognac, or rum, with licorice, with chocolate and chili, with cloudberries or lingonberries and blueberries. The newest one this year has a hint of saffron. I tried it. It was…interesting.

Glögg makes you warm, fuzzy and fulfilled.

And believe me; it helps when you have to plunge home for 30 minutes in the snow.