On the inside


I pull the hood over my head and escape into a nest, like everyone else, my gaze is down on the slush of snow that has got a brownish tone from all the traffic.

Spending hours inside drinking coffee and chai tea suddenly seems more justified.

Beautiful Beatrice leaves for Jamaica tomorrow and will be out backpacking for six months. For her trip I gave her a red lipstick and I honestly wonder how this girl ever has managed without one.

I met up with Maria who had just come back from Cape Town with the latest news, confirming that the magic was unchanged, just like our friends. Evelina from our old team had been there to visit and just two days after me and Sevan had booked our trip, Elin booked a flight from Amsterdam. Sara says if she just get her apartment rented out she’ll be down next week. Lorena, Darren, Chris, Tess, Lotta, Freddie, Mary, Vivi, Paul and all the others are already living and working in Cape Town. With the exception of a few, this will turn into a real reunion.

I’m so excited!

Speaking of Cape Town my friend Jesper had some cd’s that he wanted me to bring down to his South African friend so I stopped by his place for catch up and tea.

After that I went to dinner with my extra gran Ursula. Oven baked salmon cups with scallop and mushroom filling and a delicious white wine. Classy as always. One evening when she was in Cape Town to visit me, we toasted to our friendship and tonight, we smiled again, no words needed. Then I helped her understand how to send text messages from her new cell phone.

I am staying in the brothers’ flat. Me and Micke made wicked club sandwiches yesterday with chicken, mango, avocado, fresh coriander and sweet chili and today is Tomas birthday so a bunch of them are going on a cruise tomorrow, at the same time as I leave to the airport. When I get back on the 22nd we’re driving up to hometown Hudiksvall together.

Where the snow is white.