Senses is (again) where it’s at

Senses is where it’s at.

It is what I concluded when I left Cape Town 2 years ago and it is what comes to mind when I once again find myself in front of the most beautiful sunset up on Signal Hill, toasting bubbly with my friends, laughing like we had no worries in the world.

And it is what strikes me when we decide to pop into Rick’s Café for the most delicious roasted butternut, halloumi cheese, cranberry and walnut salad with ten of us around the table, drinks that keep coming in and the gentle evening breeze dancing outside.

Putting my bare feet into the soft sand of Clifton beach, and the next minute into the freezing Atlantic Ocean, my senses are so alive.

Do I need to mention that I am happy to be back?

Me and Sevan got picked up by Vivi at the airport and we went straight to Mzoli’s out in the township of Gugulethu. The cultural contrast couldn’t possibly be bigger.

Mzoli’s is a butcher’s place that turns into a busy Braai (South African BBQ) party every Sunday. You bring your own drinks and snacks and buy your meat and sausages raw at a stand, before it is grilled and served to you in a bowl. Now, it is nothing for a vegetarian or a food fussy, it’s quite messy, although Sevan and I chose to eat with knives and forks seeing we had been on a flight for 14 hours. If we were weary before, the constant party beat and heaving crowd definitely put us in a zombie state. We left a few hours later just before things started to get out of hand. We continued out in the car to the beach in Muizenberg and shared a bottle of champagne at Vivi’s place, before Lorena and Darren came to pick me up.

Seeing Lorena again was all hugs, kisses and happy tears!

We had so much to catch up on we didn’t know where to start. She moved back to Cape Town to be with her South African boyfriend Darren and now they share a flat in the center of the city with an amazing view of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and Signal Hill. We’ve had a sweet time so far and on Friday we are throwing a big party with fresh fruit cocktails and home-made pizza.

I am staying on their couch and before I close my eyes at night the city lights and stars lit up the city like candles, and in the early morning when the sun rise behind the mountain a pink shade decorates the sky.

I’ve managed to lost two things already, ironically parts of the two bikinis I brought. The top of one I hung up to dry on the umbrella in Camps Bay and forgot about it. Yesterday I took the other bikini to the beach and when I got home I shook the sand off the towel on the balcony – and the panties fell out. Paul even asked me; Helen, how many things have you lost already? What can I say?

You win some, you lose some.

And I feel like such a winner.