Small world eh!

Cape Town has a population of over 3,5 million people, covering a large area of suburbs and townships. But that is hard to realize, when I stroll the streets of the city centre, go to the beach or out at night, and I keep running into people I know.

Just in one week there have been several random run-ins.

One day I was sitting at a veranda on Kloof with my laptop when Tess walked by and later that day close to Green Market Square I met Sevan and Elin.

At a place we went out to Friday there was a guy I had hooked up with once two years ago. I was dancing with Lorena and the others and some Australian rugby players until the place closed. We ended up at a gay bar where I met Brent, a guy I used to salsa with at Buena Vista on Sundays. The next day Chris and I went to the trendy Bisquit Mill Market and guess who is there. Brent again. And actually a Swedish guy, Anders we knew before too. And the accountant from Travelstart.

Brent sent a text Sunday evening: Surprised I haven’t run into to you yet to which I replied that we were at Beluga having sushi. After that two friends of Darren’s and I continued on to Buena Vista and while sitting up on a balcony drinking Mojito one of the guys said: Look, there’s Brent. So they knew him too for some unclear reason.

Later on the dance floor I met Kholo, another friend from before who actually already knew I was back. When the place closed at four me and Brent went to Sea Point for late night burgers. While sitting there completely into our own conversation I caught a gaze from the guy at the opposite table. It’s the Australian rugby guy!

And it goes on.

At Rick’s I was talking to a guy that knew some of my ex colleages in Stockholm. A Swedish girl who was there and told me about the company where she does an internship. The next evening at Rafikis after a few beers I realize that the Swedish guys sitting next to me knew this same girl. AND, they are connected somehow to the housemate of Justin so at his house party they were all there.

Crazy but this is starting to feel like back home.