What is it you DO, exactly?

I went out with a friend last night for a couple of drinks. He was home for the weekend visiting and wanted to catch up, because “he just couldn’t figure out what it is I do all day

Truth is I have been kinda vague about what I’m doing.

People judge so much by what they see on Facebook or read on Twitter. They try to paint a picture about a person, make them fit into a box. And all my friend had seen for the last six months were pictures from Norway, Italy and South Africa.

He wasn’t even sure where I was living.

But more than anything, he wanted to know what it is I do?

I don’t blame him for not getting a clear picture. Of course, I choose what I share and that info become the tools, the pencils, the colours that people use in their mind-work.

I don’t know if I’ve become a little sneaky or if I’ve just grown tired of the idea that we are what we do.

How people are associated with their work titles.

Now, I’ve done a lot of different stuff. I’ve been to different places. I’ve had different jobs. And during all this time, I’ve had ideas, plans, projects, relationships, emotions, aspirations. And because I’m an expressive and open person I’ve always shared so much with people around me, let them in on my thoughts, my ambitions, explaining my every move.

When I asked friends and family a few months ago how they would describe me, many of them said I was determined which at the time I didn’t relate to at all. But then I realized it was probably because I had always told them what it was I was going to do, before I did it.

And that can be a great thing. It can open up many doors. You may get good input or advice, encouraging words or careful warnings. It can make you feel stronger, but also more vulnerable (What if things don’t go your way? What if you don’t follow through?)

I promise to tell you in another post, what it is I “do”.

But since I’m still planning, I’d rather just show you when it’s done.