Snowing, glowing, energy overflowing!

My dad says I live in a fairytale.

Although expressed with equal consideration and sarcasm, he is right.

It feels like I’m living a dream when I walk home from the gym, boosted with energy, focused on how beautifully the snow is sparkling around me, how cold the air is against my cheek, but how utterly warm I feel inside.

How amazing my life is right now!

The amount of energy that has been building up over the last couple of months is starting to overflow!

Six months of catching up with life, with my beautiful friends and family, making trips to Italy and South Africa, eating amazing and healthy food, getting good sleep and lots of fresh air!

Add inspiring coaching talks to that and an emerging business idea that is slowly materializing.

I know I am spoilt to pieces.

I got to be “on holiday”, “in between jobs” and finally “unemployed”, living under my mother’s roof and off my savings. I know not many people have this opportunity, this safety net of people that lets me know I am blessed and loved, that I can take my time and that everything will be alright.

I am excited and ready to give back with all my heart and positive spirit!

Maybe one day I’ll tell this fairytale to my grandchildren…